Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Primadonna's looks from the 2015 #TRENDINGTOPIC Fashion Show:

What's up everyone! So, if you missed out I recently went on a little trip back to my hometown Wilmington, NC. Where we have this annual street parade called the Azalea Festival. It's a BIG thing back at home. Everyone gets all excited and has parties and little events. This year I was invited to be a part of the 2015 #TrendingTopic Fashion Show. The show was TURNT! The models dressing room was so crazy and fast paced with clothes and shoes flying left and right lol. Everyone came out. The show was so packed that people had to stand to watch the show, it looked like a mini party in the back of the room lol. All the stress and had work paid off in these pieces. But it was worth it because I had a very good time laughing and seeing old friends.

 The looks from the #TrendingTopic fashion show:

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