Sunday, December 14, 2014

2015's color of the year: Marsala

2015's color of the year: Marsala
Marsala is not only the name of my BESTEST friend (Marcella, lol, which I have a funny little story about that...) but it is also 2015's color of the year. Marsala is like a deep shade of red with a hint of brown... Somewhat similar to burgundy but with more pizzazz. Because us ladies are all about pizzazz! This color is PERRRRRFECT for Winter 2015 because the color goes good with all skin tones. Be looking forward to seeing Marsala EVERYWHERE 2015.

-Marsala colored items would also be ideal Christmas gifts for you and the fam... hint, hint!

SN: (Okay, the funny story about Marsala... So I'm in class researching and typing up my trend report for my final in Merchandising Math and my best friend Marcella sends me a text asking what I'm doing... So I'm like nothing typing up this trend report on the popular fall 2014 colors and she responds.. "I'm a 2014 trending color.." right, and as soon as I read the text the next color that popped up was 'Marsala' and I just completely died silently in the middle of class because my friend was actually a trending color... lol. I just thought that was hilarious.)

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