Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day!! For me it's been a pretty cool day today. I had a meeting this morning with the fashion showcase members. We discussed the staging of the upcoming fashion showcase that is happening in Charlotte on June 21st called CFG Fashion Showcase. I will post pictures of the fashion showcase that next day. I would love to have your feedback about not only the staging and lighting but about the whole showcase from the layout to the models. Yeeeaahh, lol, so after I left the meeting I had a class called Fashion History. We discussed the influence of all the major changes that happened in the 1960's and 70's on fashion. World War 2, Women's rights, Civil rights, and politics had a major influence on fashion. I'll post pictures below of some of the styles that were inspired.
Hippies wanted peace for World War 2; They wore loose comfortable clothes and were all about being free and peaceful.
Women were on a stand, they wanted to be equal and wanted to do what men did. So they wore what they wanted to wear and did what they wanted to do.
[power to the women!]
Civil rights also had an influence on fashion. They wore dark clothes and the afro became a big hair trend.
The first lady Jackie Kennedy was a fashion icon for the older women in the 60's.

We also were assigned our final project for the class. We have to make digital mood boards on 1930's fashion then and clothing inspired today by the 30's. After I finish the project tomorrow I will post pictures to show you guys examples of a mood boards for those who don't know what a mood board is. That pretty much sums up my day so far. I'll have the pictures posted on the dates I listed above so be looking forward to those! I'm exciteddd!!! You should be too, it sounds like a great week ahead of us!

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