Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Featured artist: @JerronCouture

Jerron Couture is a 23 year old fashion illustrator who is from a small town called Kinston which is right here in the Carolina's!! Woop Woop! Jerron has been illustrating for as long as he can remember but first started selling his illustration back in 2013. He says that the inspiration for his work is, "All things fashion! Women also of course. I like to show a bit of sexy in my work. I think sexy is a very daring quality for a woman to have, and when she owns it, it's even more powerful. I like to create characters and designs around that idea. A powerful sexy woman." Which is why he loves the singer Aaliyah, he says that she effortlessly possessed all the qualities that inspire him. Jerron has major plans for the future, such as publishing a coloring book that fuses not only fashion but occupational dreams for young girls. What a awesome idea!! We need someone who wants to empower young girls and women, and what best way to do it other than incorporating it into coloring books? Jerron is also working on a fun and funky fashion forward zodiac calender which is projected to be released by Christmas 2015. What a perfect Christmas gift for your girl friends! He creates ideas for clothing items and brands but doesn't physically construct garments even tho he says that's something he has been thinking about getting into.  The prices for his work vary on what the client is requesting. A single character illustration can go for about $90. You can access his work via Instagram (@JerronCouture) or Tumblr (Jerroncouture.tumblr.com). You can even access his work by simply searching Jerron Couture Illustrations on Google. Which is a major accomplishment! If you'd like to purchase a illustration or if you're interested in the Children's coloring book and Zodiac Calender you can Email Jerron Couture by clicking the link Jerron.leary@Yahoo.com. This has been #TalkTuesday thanks for viewing! 
And remember, STAY CREATIVE! 
Special Thanks to Jerron Couture for taking the time out to chat with me! 
Here is some of his work:

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