Thursday, November 27, 2014

5am Poems:

The Curve,
Unconsciously speeding down
What felt like an endless road,
 I caught myself passing along a curve,
Not your average curve may I say,
But a quite dangerous and risky one,
And me... young and hopeless me,
approached this curve with no caution,
Or warning for what was about to happen,
As I sped down the empty road,
Thinking it was just me,
Only me,
Little ol’ hopeless me,
I proceeded to push 100mph on the gas,
Everything began to rush past me,
and then, for one mere second,
all my cares and worries began to vanish,
I felt free,
I felt alive,
And that's when it hit me…
Right in the face,
 like the chill on a December morn,
a head-on collision,
and this collision was unlike any other,
let me explain,
awakening from the crash,
a glimpse of light slipped its way through my tightly sealed eyelids,
reminding me of the sun creeping over the horizon at dawn,
coming back to my senses,
or so I thought...
I was sure of pain and sadness,
But instead, I felt a warm tingling sensation,
A feeling I haven’t felt in a while,
The pleasure from the crash became so tantalizing,
I didn’t even notice the fact that I was levitating off the ground,
There I was,
 Gravitating in the now motionless air,
Searching for clues to this emptiness I began to feel,
And there I saw a girl,
She had the same hair color as me,
And the same gap,
And the same curls,
She even had on the same outfit as me,
She looked so familiar,
But I couldn't quite wrap my finger around who she was,
My mind started racing uncontrollably,
Is this girl me?!
It couldn't be!
But before I could even feel a bit of sadness,
A figured approached,
It was a man,
There was no expression on his face,
But he seemed to be caught in daze,
staring at my now cold lifeless flesh,
He spoke but,
His words were silent,
And me, little ol' hopeless me,
Started drifting further off into the open air,
I reached out my faint fingers,
Hoping he would save me from,
What was beginning to happening,
But instead, he just stood there,
Frozen... caught in a daze,
His eyes,
So full of charm and grace,
And there, I saw my life,
I saw us,
I saw our family,
I saw our home,
I saw our rose garden
Where I'd sip wine until moonlight,
I heard our song,
I smelled his sweet aroma,
I felt his touch,
 I looked inside his soul,
And there I saw it,
The most heart wrenching thing of all,
The curve,
Most don’t proceed with caution,
Most don’t care,
But most never felt such bliss,
Such joy and such pain,
But love as most know it,
Is the best contradictor of all,
And while I ascended into the clouds that have now filled my dying mind,
the only words I could seem to mutter out of my cold and somewhat dry lips,
“My darling, please stay with me.”

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